Sunday, July 22, 2012

Auburn Jams!

Photo from the Corner News.
      Playing music with others is almost always better than playing music by yourself, but sometimes it can take a little while to find the elusive jams that happen around town.  So, for any other Auburn folks looking to play some music, and for those who just want to hear some grassroots music, I am posting this article that appeared in the Corner News a while ago.  It describes some of the local jams.  So far, I have only been to the Irish Bred Pub jam, which is a lot of fun, but I can't vouch for the other jams.  Anyway, I'll be at the next jam on August 5th, I hope to see you there.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


      Here is an old song called "Waterbound."  I'm still not that good at singing and playing yet so there are a few mistakes.  I originally learned this song from Mike Iverson's tabs when I first started banjo.  I have since changed the arrangement a little, but his tabs could get you started.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Years of Banjo!

      It's hard to believe it, but I have been playing banjo for two years already.  Man, time is flying, but at least I'm enjoying it.  As motivation for me to continue to challenge myself, I looked up a video of me playing when I was a fledgling musician.  I didn't realize I had come so far.  I always write that I have issues to work on (usually tempo and varying the melody), but at least I am improving.  I plan on challenging myself and playing with some musicians around Auburn (most are much better than me).  I hope this video also motivates anybody who is considering taking up the banjo, or any instrument.  Just be careful, it can be addicting.  In the last two years, I have also started learning guitar, ukulele, and the fiddle.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Building a Mountain Banjo: Rough-cutting the Neck

This is a continuation of my series of posts documenting my construction of a mountain banjo.  Earlier posts include Building a Mountain Banjo: The Pot and Building a Mountain Banjo: Marking the Neck.

      I actually did this way back in May, before I moved to Auburn, but I am just now getting a chance to write about.  Compared to marking the neck, rough-cutting the neck was a quick process.  The final shaping will be a different story (especially since I don't currently own a draw-knife, block plane, or rasp).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

      On America's birthday, plenty of people grill out.  I didn't want to spoil any holiday appetites, so I waited until the end of the day to post this.  Even after watching this, I still think hot dogs are awesome.