Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old Yellow Dog

Brave boys here
Brave boys there
Brave boys here
Way down in Alabama
-Chorus from Old Yellow Dog Came Trottin' Through the Meeting House

      Here is a fun song I learned.  One of the verses is about a dog that walks through a church.  When I first moved to Alabama, my friend pointed out all the rural dogs, or "Alabama brown dogs" as she affectionately called them, that wander the country side.  Something about this song invokes an image of those dogs wandering around on a hot summer day.  I recently changed my head (from fiberskin to renaissance) and added a compensated bridge,  The banjo lost a little bit of it's mellow tone, but is a little louder.  The fifth string really pops, which I like.  It is, however, very hard to sing over.  Overall, I still think it was a good choice because it helps me fit in with string bands.
      I first heard this song on spotify by the Westbound Rangers and I was hooked.  Here is their version.  It sounds great with a full string band.

      Here is the oldest version I could find.

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